The Law of Hildy: The Thrashers and Blues Can’t Win In One Night

I have long whined and complained that my two teams, the St. Louis Blues and Atlanta Thrashers, are completely incapable of winning hockey games on the same night. Maybe it just seemed an unhappy coincidence, maybe it is just my natural cynical nature. Who knows. But with the Thrashers on this four game sliiiide that started last Tuesday with the Blues winning their head-to-head matchup, I find it more than timing that the Blues are now on a four game winning streak. Both teams sit at 7th in their conferences, and as long as they both make the playoffs I really almost don’t care – but I had to take a look at this and see.

Let’s look at the nights that the two teams have played on the same night:

  1. October 9th: Thrashers lose, 5-2; Blues win, 2-1
  2. October 16th: Thrashers win, 4-2; Blues lose, 3-2 (OTL)
  3. October 22nd: Thrashers lose, 5-2; Blues win, 4-2
  4. October 23rd: Thrashers lose, 4-3 (OTL); Blues win. 1-0
  5. October 30th: Blues beat Thrashers, 4-3, in shootout
  6. November 4th: Thrashers lose, 3-0; Blues win, 2-0
  7. November 6th: Thrashers lose, 5-4 (OTL); Blues win, 2-1
  8. November 11th: Thrashers win, 5-1; Blues lose, 3-2 (OTL)
  9. November 13th: Thrashers lose, 4-2; Blues lose, 5-3
  10. November 17th: Thrashers lose, 2-1; Blues lose, 7-3
  11. November 19th: Thrashers win, 5-0; Blues win, 3-2
  12. November 24th: Thrashers win, 5-1; Blues win, 2-1
  13. November 26th: Thrashers win, 3-0; Blues lose, 2-1
  14. November 30th: Thrashers win, 3-2; Blues lose, 7-5
  15. December 4th: Thrashers win, 3-1; Blues lose, 2-1 (OTL)
  16. December 11th: Thrashers win, 5-4; Blues lose, 2-1 (OTL)
  17. December 15th: Thrashers lose, 2-1 (OTL); Blues lose, 5-2
  18. December 16th: Thrashers lose, 3-2 (OTL); Blues win, 6-4
  19. December 18th: Thrashers win, 7-1; Blues lose, 4-1
  20. December 19th: Thrashers win, 6-3; Blues lose, 3-1
  21. December 21st: Blues beat Thrashers, 4-2
  22. December 23rd: Thrashers lose, 4-1; Blues win, 4-3
  23. December 26th: Thrashers lose, 3-2 (OTL); Blues win, 2-0
  24. December 28th: Thrashers lose, 6-3; Blues win, 3-1




So, as you can see, out of the 24 times the two teams play on the same night, only five times did they both either win or lose on the same night. The other 17 times (not counting the times that they played each other), one or the other won.

For those of you playfully accusing me of being favoritist towards St. Louis, during games played on the same night that follow the Law of Hildy, Atlanta is 8-5-4. The Blues are 8-5-4. And the teams have a record when not playing each other of 10-7-5 for ATL and 10-8-4, so the Thrashers wind up with one more point. Obviously, the Blues lead total with a 12-8-4 to a 10-8-6 record to the Thrashers, but both seem pretty evenly paired up when they play on the same night.

Which, of course, means that I’m neither too happy or too upset on any given night when both of my teams are playing. Wooo, here’s to hockey and the Law of Hildy – keeping up the trend of “meh” through 2011!

About Laura Astorian

Laura Astorian is the head editor for the SB Nation blog St. Louis Game Time and has been a Blues fan from childhood. She promises that any anti-Blackhawks bias will be left at the door. Maybe.