Summertime Blues

God, I hate the off-season.  I mean, yes, I love the playoffs, but when neither of my teams are in it I have very little to write about.  It’s just such a drag, but it’s not like all the Blues are sitting around twiddling their thumbs and avoiding golf carts all summer.  Some of them have accepted the honor to play for their country this year.  It’s World Championship time!  Exciting.

Four of our guys are representing their home nations at the Championships – Lars Eller’s representing Denmark in the tourney, and he might very well be the best player on his team.  Unfortunately, Denmark has to deal with the USA and Finland in their division.  Fortunately, they might be able to beat Germany, so there’s that.

Chris Mason’s gotten the call for Team Canada for the second year in a row.  After a season with the Blues that saw him earn a 2.47 GAA and a .915 save percentage, he was at least a lock for the back up position at the close of the regular season.

Team USA will be represented by two Blues: TJ Oshie and Ben Bishop.  Both Backes and Johnson have declined the invitation to WCs to rest and recharge their batteries.  Oshie’s playing for the second year in a row, so hopefully the Pinball on Skates keeps up the serious play.  He absolutely has to be a lock for the 2014 Men’s Olympic team, no doubt about it.  Ben Bishop’s selection surprises me, I’m not going to lie.  Aside from the fact that he’s the largest goalie that I have ever seen play ever, he doesn’t stick out as a sure choice.  I’m sure he’ll start the tournament as the backup and will probably wind up being the 3rd goalie, but it’s still surprising.  I hope that, if he sees ice time, he does well.  His record was underwhelming with the Rivermen this year (2.77 GAA and a .901 SV%) and doesn’t exactly scream “international play,” but I’m not going to knock one of our own guys here, so I’ll just say “good luck” and keep mum.

Still think it’s odd, though.


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