Some quick Thrashers news.

According to TSN, we’re set to interview former Manitoba Moose coach Scott Arniel this week.  This isn’t a huge shock, considering that rumors have been going around for a while that we were interested in him, and that he’s going to be making the rounds anyway this off-season.  He’s a tiny bit in demand.

Also, there appears to be a log jam in goal, which is just something that no franchise wants. /sarcasm

The Thrashers, according to Ben and the Blueland Blog, have snagged prospect goaltenders Carrozzi and Pasquale from the OHL for entry level contracts.  With them signed, Mannino and MacIntyre at the Wolves, and Hedberg and Pavelec here in Atlanta, the team’s set for the future.  Mannino, MacIntyre, and Pavelec are all RFAs, and Hedberg is a UFA – but a UFA that the team would really like to see back.  Leaving Moose aside and just looking at the prospects, this is the best crop of goaltending that the team has ever had – another season like 2005-2006, where the team missed the playoffs thanks to issues on that front, is increasingly unlikely.

Of course, something like 10 goalies have dressed for the Flyers this year, and that’s soooo held them back.  Seriously, if you compare their goalie depth to ours, and what they’ve done this season, to the Thrashers’ current overall team makeup, issues like 2005-2006, let alone whatever happened from 2007-near the end of the 2009 season, the Thrashers seem to be in solid shape prospect wise and beyond.

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