Rumor mongering.

Face it, rumors can be fun – and Ilya Kovalchuk’s had more rumors attached to him than Paris Hilton has.  He might be re-signing with the Devils!  Oh, wait, no.  LA’s back into the mix? Huh.  He could be signing a 4 year deal worth $40 million for 4 years with SKA? Oh, I’m sure Grossman’s working overtime to keep that from happening.

Here’s something that’s been hinted at kind of passively here and there  – Kovy returning to ATL.  I know, I know, people’d be pissed.  But, there was a report on Fox 5 News last night (still trying to find video link) regarding it, and we all know that no one here reports on hockey unless it has some basis in something.  There was also an interesting tweet from Dan Kamal:

Anywho, to catch my take on it, as well as my good buds’ Anthony and Ally’s take, pelase to be seeing – allow me to stress that this is JUST A RUMOR and speculation, but hell, with everything else going on, this is as likely as the next rumor.

God, buddy, just sign somewhere.

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