Rick DiPietro Never Saw It Coming

The game was an interesting back-and-forth with the Thrashers winning 5-4. I appreciate the Quebec fans cheering for the Isles and boosting their attendance, but you can’t tell me that this quote is honest:

When it was all said and done, the groups’ main hope was that someone outside of the 10,000 in attendance heard their message. Those in the stands heard them loud and clear but they weren’t the main target. That has to be the league office, who plays a big part in whether or not they can help the Nation achieve their goal. “We don’t want the Thrashers,” Morin said. “We don’t want the Islanders. We don’t want the Florida Panthers. We want a team of our own.”

Sure. Like I said before, I support the Quebec fans in wanting a team for your own, but you’re not getting ours – and blatantly cheering for the Islanders against the Thrashers sent your message loud and clear. And no help from the Islanders, who welcomed the Nordiques fans and gave them a shoutout on the jumbotron. Your franchise is in worse shape than the Thrashers – the only thing that’s saving you is your history. Being supportive of a group who is there and who some members of have advocated the movement of NHL franchises based on attendance and recent success is a bit odd, all things considered.

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