Power Rankings: Holy Crap, TSN Thinks the Blues Are #2.

Yeah, all the way up at numero dos, behind only the Detroit Red Wings. In proof that power rankings never follow the league standings, the current league leader in points, the Nashville Predators (!!), is at number three on TSN’s list.  The Thrashers, well, they’re back in familiar territory at number 22. Not low enough to yell about, and just high enough to accept.  Yep. That’s about right.

ESPN has the Blues at number six, which is a thirteen spot jump from last week. They mention our lack of clicking offense, but apparently they’ve missed David Perron recently, or the playmaking wrecking ball that is TJ Oshie.  The Thrashers fall all the way to 27th in the rankings from 16th the previous week, with the writer calling out Chris Mason for sloppy goaltending. I think calling out the number of shots on goal allowed in the last five games a la TSN is much moe appropriate.

So, in response, my power rankings, based on things other than regional bias and team record. Because I am much more qualified to do so than someone who writes about hockey for a living. Rankings after the jump. Complete with comments that may or may not back up my placement/be relevant to anything – just like the real rankings!

1.   5-0-3 You want real parity in the NHL? Clone Barry Trotz and make him in charge of every team
2  . 5-2-1 As much as it kills me to admit this, Stevie Y is on to something here. Still, their even goal differential’s concerning. Goaltending is not their forte – look for them to drop.
3.  4-1-2 Back to back wins over the two previous Cup winners, defensemen who score in clutch situations, and David Perron. Just lay off the blowing two goal leads for an overtime loss, eh?
4.  5-1-1 No broken hips here yet, folks. Unsurprisingly, the Wings are winning again. In other news, water still wet.
5. 6-2-0 Kings are still young, fast, and made smart signings over the summer. Way to be pragmatic, guys.
6.  5-2-1 Carey Price has won three whole games at home. So glad that nervous breakdown hasn’t hit yet.
7.  5-3-1 When Sid and Geno score, the Pens win. This explains the +7 goal differential so far.
8  . 5-2-0 No longer undefeated, the Stars are still solid thanks to Lehtonen in net. They really need to limit the shots on goal, though. Don’t want the groin to asplode quite yet.
9  . 5-4-1 Noooo, four losses!  They’re done!  Finished I tell you!  Finished! Wait – Patrick Sharp already has 11 points in 10 games? Hm. Fine. But stop allowing so many shots.
10 . 5-3-0 Their top scorer’s still Rene Bourque. Someone else has to do something.
11. 5-3-0 Pretty pedestrian start by their standards. I mean, Coach Boudreau has only had to get indignant three times this year. What is that?
12 . 4-2-2 They’re ranked this high because no one expected them to be second in their division ever, especially with injuries.  Some weird goalie’s in their crease, though. Who is that guy?
13. 5-3-0 Winning, which is nice to see. And Rick Nash randomly gets fined for a high stick. Also amusing.
14.  4-2-1 Finally righting that ship behind King Henrik. Interesting to see how many games the Rangers decide to sit him for once he gets going.
15. 4-2-1 Cooled off since a hot start, but still playing pretty good hockey. Could Brian Burke’s plan finally be paying off?
16. 4-2-0 Only behind the Leafs because everyone was laughing at them during the start of the season, and no one was laughing at the Bs. Six of one…
17. 4-3-0 To be allowing more goals than you’re scoring on average, and to still have a winning record, is impressive.
18. 3-3-2 Well, the powerplay’s humming along. Wait – goal scoring from Minny? What IS this madness?
19. 3-3-2 The Canucks have a damn fine goaltender. That Corey Schneider’ll be one to look out for.
20. 3-3-1 Sharks are kind of biting to start the season – maybe they need to think of riding the hot goalie instead of flip-flopping so much.
21. 4-4-0 Kudos to their helping Hockey Fights Cancer with the hashtag battle the other night.
22. 2-2-3 More OTL than losses speaks to a team that battles. It’s early – expect to see them battle their way up the standings this season.
23. 3-4-1 Not doing so hot. Maybe someone could have invested in a goalie this off-season.
24. 3-4-1 Making Chris Mason look like swiss cheese – they’ve allowed around 40 SOG a game for the season on average. I thought we had an improved defense around here?
25. 3-3-0 Kitties aren’t doing half bad to start off with. Give them time – the Southeast Resurgance’ll happen to them, too, here in a few.
26. 3-5-1 To Buffalo: You’re WELCOME. Signed, Thrashers fans.
27. 3-5-1 Poor Jonas Hiller. Gone from hot shot to guy who gets shot at a lot. Anaheim’s defense needs to get off of the IR before they can spring back.
28. 2-5-1 Not a good start to the Sens’ season, but hey – Alfie hat trick!
29. 2-4-0 Only six games under his belt, and Taylor Hall hasn’t scored an ubergoal yet.  APOCOLYPSE. No, really, they won’t be awesome this year, but the Oilers could surprise.
30. 2-6-1 Yeeeeah, sure.  Bench your offensive superstar that you sold your left kidney plus half of Fort Knox to keep. See if you get that much back at the unemployment office. And Devils fans? Lay off Moose.

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Laura Astorian is the head editor for the SB Nation blog St. Louis Game Time and has been a Blues fan from childhood. She promises that any anti-Blackhawks bias will be left at the door. Maybe.