On vacation, so this is some quick news.

I shall expand later, but the Thrashers have signed both Karl Klingberg and Danick Paquette to entry level contracts – way to get those picks secured, guys!

Bigger news, former Bluenote and former Thrasher captain Scott Mellanby will be a new assistant coach of the Blues under Davis Payne.  Best of luck to Mellanby.  Class act, really nice guy, and solid player.  I have nothing but respect for the guy – here’s hoping it transfers over into coaching.  I’ll expand on everything once stuff hits the Post-Dispatch and we figure out what position and role he’s going to play behind the bench for the Blues.

EDIT: The news has finally hit the Post-Dispatch (or did much earlier in the day, but I was by the pool, so whatever).  This is a great job for him, because as he mentions in the article and I’d forgotten, he and his family still live in St. Louis.  It’s funny how every single guy who has ever played for us seems to stay put regardless of when they left the team.  Wacky.  Mellanby doesn’t have any coaching experience, but at 44 he’s young enough to be a bridge between players and coaches – and in a locker room sans Walt – and possibly sans Paul Kariya – that’s going to be needed.  It’s a wise decision by the Blues upper management.

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