Nuts and Boults.

The Thrashers have re-signed the all-time team leader in penalty minutes to a new contract, keeping Eric Boulton around.  I’ve questioned Ben Eager’s fighting style (or ability…) and have sung the praises of having some sort of consistancy among the team’s personel.  Slater and Boulton are the two longest tenured Thrashers now, and have been since the loss of Garnet Exelby at the start of last season.

Honestly, I could wax poetic on Boulton and how much I appreciate his willingness to fight anyone who slights him or his team, or how much he enjoys and wants to be a Thrasher – or even how he stands up in the locker room and demands the best from the team.  Instead, I’ll just let Ben Wright do it, because he hits the nail on the head here.

I’m looking forward to seeing some more of this this season:

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