No, it’s not done yet. Thrashers and Blues Gameday

Gentle Jeebus, Atlanta’s last five games are awful.  And it starts off juuuuuust with who we want to play while we have a chance to hop Montreal.

34-31-12: 80 Pts. 49-15-12: 110 Pts.

Season Series against Washington: 0-4-0

Please to harass our good friends at Rock the Red, but polite-like, of course.

Maybe the Caps’ll take the night off.  I mean, it’s not like they have anything to lose, and I’d rather play us in round 1 than the Habs, eh?  Here’s the goalie matchup from – and yes, Pavelec’s numbers are awful here, but he’s on a really good streak, so let’s pray that continues:

Ondrej Pavelec Semyon Varlamov
Record against Washington Record against Atlanta
0-3-0; 5.18 GAA, .846 SV%, 2-0-0; 3.50 GAA, .896 SV%

And on to the Blues…

37-30-9: 87 Pts. 44-28-6: 94 Pts.

Season Series against Nashville: 1-3-0

How they are not mathematically eliminated yet is beyond me.  They’re 4 behind Calgary and 6 behind Colorado with 6 games left.  Absurd., of course, has the goalies:

Chris Mason Pekka Rinne
Season against Nashville Season Against St. Louis
1-3-0; 2.53 GAA, .930 SV% 3-1-0; 2.27 GAA, .920 SV%

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