Jaroslav Halak Comes to Town.

As his agent Alan Walsh put it on Twitter, “Halakamania comes to St. Louis.”  God, that’s an understatement.

Recent goaltending acquisition Jaroslav Halak was introduced to the St. Louis media and fans today, with a flurry of high expectations and low common sense – which is fine.  The Blues haven’t had a starting goalie since CuJo (who isn’t featured on Halak’s mask – odd), so the fans need someone to be pumped up about.  Yes, there’s some laughing to be had at the Blues’ press-release – and Halak’s Glamor-Shot worthy photograph.  No, there won’t be a jersey retirement/statue dedication for the new goalie here anytime soon, but give Blues fans a minute to bask in the glow of getting the league’s “most talked about in a good way” goaltender.  Sure, the reality of the season’ll set in here soon enough when we’re not first in the league on the back of the golden Halak, but the preseason’ll be fun – the positive buzz’s great, especially coming off of last year’s disappointing (for the Western Conference) finish.

A round up of first hand accounts of the Savior’s triumphant arrival in St. Louis can, of course, be found at the Post Dispatch.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there since I was about 900 miles away, though I did snag this artist’s recreation of the event:

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