Interviewing Cam Janssen is apparently easy.

Like most fighters in the NHL, the toughest guys on the ice are usually the nicest guys off, and Cam Janssen’s one of those. I realize that some fan bases dislike Cam (such as the Toronto Maple Leafs’) but Blues fans have a lot of respect for their hometown brawler, even if he does average about four and a half minutes a night.

Yeah, Cam knows who number one is.

Ian Walker of the Vancouver Sun sat down with Janssen during the Blues’ recent trip to play the Canucks, and the interview (and accompanying viedo) is classic stuff. Other than Cam being a cat person – which surprised the hell out of me the first time I heard it on a broadcast – the best exchange is when Cam talks charity:

IW: Your agent, Scott Norton, is credited with starting Make My Day Mondays. What do you think of the ‘pay it forward’ drive?

CJ: I think it’s a great thing. Sometimes Mondays are tough and when you think about others it gets you out of your head ‘Okay I have to do something good today. Time to get to a gas station and fill someone’s tank up.’ When you do something good it makes you feel good. We need to do that. We’re blessed people.

IW: What’s with your love for the military?

CJ: Well, my family is from Eureka, Miss. and it’s a military town. Either you’re a construction worker or you’re in the military and that’s the bottom line. Both my grandfathers served and if I wasn’t playing hockey – and I know it’s easy to say now – but I would be overseas. No doubt about it.

IW: What’s the Fisher House?

CJ: It’s a place where they bring in families when their loved ones are injured overseas and they get to stay there for free. Every hit I have I donate $25 and I have all these companies that are going to match me on it. It’s just a good thing. We go to battle every night but we’re not in a real battle and there’s a big difference there.

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