Hollywood “mogul” not one of the bidders for the Thrashers

I mentioned earlier this month that Stephen Rollins would be interested in becoming a partner in owning the Thrashers.  Funnily enough, now this has hit the news, with mentions on Puck Daddy and TSN… and as soon as it hits the news Atlanta Spirit refutes it.

He is currently not part of any group who is exploring owning a share of the Thrashers franchise – three other entities are kicking the tires, but Rollins and the rest of his four-city group aren’t included.  He says that he has investors in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.  All he needs are Tokyo and Paris, and he’ll have one of those cool international clock walls.  Honestly, just because a guy is friends with Clint Eastwood on Facebook and has a “film company” doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to plunk down a chunk of change for a team.  He says that he’d love to own a share of the Thrashers.  While I appreciate his enthusiasm, I’d love to own a Stan Musial rookie card, but that’s not going to happen either.

I’m more interested in knowing who the three groups looking at owning a share of the Thrashers are, and if they’re only looking at the ownership side for hockey operations, or if they’d like to get involved with the Hawks as well.  If it’s a dual thing, that restricts the ability of any new owners buying out the Spirit and moving the team.  Honestly, the ownership situation’s a lot more complicated than people understand, and this hinders the team moving anywhere weird, like Quebec City or anywhere like that.  Voulez vou danser avec Thrash?

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