Help us if you can, we’re feeling down.

I felt dirty today pulling for the Red Wings to defeat the Flyers to maintain Philly’s 1 point lead over Atlanta.  But, it’s playoff tine, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?  I sacrificed a lot of personal pride today, and what did it get me?  This guy in goal:

Oh, oops.  I’m sorry.  That’s the incorrect photo.  Here we go…

Thanks, Carnie!

While I completely understand the Red Wings starting Jimmy Howard in a game against a fellow Central Division opponent as opposed to some random Eastern Conference team that they could give two rips about, I still really am not happy with it.  Osgood has gone from All Star to Swiss cheese in just a few years.  Granted, I’ve never liked the guy (even when he was on the Blues), so writing this doesn’t pain me – he sucks.  It’s not the playoffs yet, but you know what, Chris?  You have to play well enough to reach the playoffs.  If Detroit relied on you all year, they’d be in like 12th place or so.

Thank you for not falling short of my already low expectations.  The Thrashers are now three points out with three games remaining.  If we lose on Tuesday to the Devils, we’re done, and another season like 2005-2006 of “Oh, man, we were SO close!” gets in the books.  Wouldn’t it just be gravy if Kovalchuk scored the Devils’ game winner?  Yeah.  I know you’re thinking it.

Thankfully the Blackhawks beat Calgary 4-1 today, keeping the Blues just four points out with four games to play – slightly more realistic.  The Sharks’ game against Colorado is about to start, so please, pull that one out for us Sharkies, will you?

If you want to read up on who St. Louis needs to win, please to visit Couch Tarts.  If you’d like to read up on their opposition, there’s always JibbleScribbits.  I really hate rooting against the Avs, because I admit to wanting to see them make the playoffs, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do this time of year.

UPDATE: Way to bomb out, San Jose.  Just to let you know, playoffs aren’t until week after next.  Looks like you thought they started early just like Detroit did.


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