Halak, collaborate and listen…

It wasn’t surprising to hear that the Blues signed Jaroslav Halak.  Honestly, though, allow Blues fans to bask in the fact that we have a starting goaltender for the next four seasons – and for the reasonable hit of $15 million dollars ($3.75 a year).  No, it’s not super cheap, but it’s reasonable for a guy who had the 9th lowest GAA and the 4th highest SV% in the league, not to mention someone who led the playoffs in SV% even though he didn’t make it to the Cup finals.  I adored Chris Mason (and I’m very happy to have him here in ATL), but Halak’s an upgrade and a half, and with Ty Conklin, we might have the most reliable goalie tandem in the Central.  Aw, who am I kidding – when Chicago and Nashville aren’t 110% sure who their backups are, Columbus has Steve Mason trying to rebound, and Detroit’s back-up is Chris Osgood, we *do* have the most reliable goalie tendem in the central.

Capgeek.com has the Blues as having about $21.4 million in cap space remaining for this season.  Of course, if you look at the chart we also have about 11 UFAs and FAs to re-sign next season, though BrewerBot should be going the way of the dodo.  It gives the team plenty of room to sign a few more people this off-season if needed, as well as a way to continue to reward the kids that we have with the squad now.

Speaking of signing people, the Blues have also re-signed Cam Janssen to a one year deal, bypassing arbitration.  Very nice to see CamSmash back with the team for another season, so we can see some more moments like this:


And, of course, more outstanding interviews like this one.

No clue where this leaves DJ King, unless the front office is assuming he’s just going to break his hand again after 23 seconds of ice time.

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