Colby Armstrong suspended two games for hit to head

Personally, I think he deserved it.

Wait… a blogger calling out one of their team’s own players?  Don’t we usually blindly defend even the dumbest things guys on our own teams do?  No.  If you’re a good hockey fan, you can admit when one of your own guys screws up – not every call is biased against your team, even if you’re Atlanta.

When you watch the offending hit at first, it happens so fast you don’t catch it.  Luckily the Comcast SportsNet guys take the liberty of re-playing it about a dozen times in super slo mo.  Witness.


Upon further watching, it becomes obvious that he leads with his fist.  Perreault leaned back when he saw what Army was getting ready to do, making it look probably worse than it was, but still – who hits like that?  Yes, it was head on, but leading with your lower arm in a hit is just cheap.  Not as cheap as leading with your shoulder to their head, but it’s unnecessary… especially when you see that Perreault was getting ready to pass the puck for a Caps’ breakaway attempt.  That passing lane that Army needed to be in?  Nope, not there – because he took himself out of position for a stupid hit.

He’s out for the next two games (he’ll be back Tuesday) because of a stupid decision that thankfully didn’t have more ramifications in the game than it it – a hit like that could have provoked a Caps onslaught.  It’s a miracle we held them to 2 goals all game, so frankly I’m thankful that they didn’t decide to go wonkers on us and light Pavelec up as a response.

Nope, no in-game ramifications.  He just removed himself from half of the Thrashers’ last little playoff push right when hopes are dimming the most, all over some stupid hit.  I know he’s a great locker room guy and good PR for the fans, but he’s an assistant captain of this team, and selfish stupid behavior like that shouldn’t be tolerated.  Frankly, if he walks this summer I wouldn’t be upset.  I’ve had issues with him and his play all season, and I’m tired of the weird borderline hits.

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