Clint Malarchuk is the Thrashers’ New Goalie Consultant

For the first time in franchise history, the Thrashers have a goalie consultant to help in development and conditioning.  Yes, I know that we had Steve Weeks for a while, but raise your hand if you actually thought he was even 100 feet away from a goalie, let alone coached them.


Exactly.  Every time we’ve had goalie issues – Kari’s conditioning (or lack therof), Pavelec’s “slow development” (open for interpretation), or the elder goalie Jedi always having to coach the younger – the fickle finger of blame has landed squarely on our lack of a dedicated individual helping the guys in the crease get better.  I’m sorry, but as much as I love Johan Hedberg and think that he did a wonderful job in coaching Lehtonen and Pavelec as young goalies, but there’s something wrong with having our backup be the coach.  Mentor, sure.  Coach?  We weren’t paying Moose to teach Lehtonen how to actually stickhandle.

Clint Malarchuk should be a godsend.  The usual stock NHL press release reminds fans of the fact that he’s had to work with goalies such as Roberto Luongo and Steve Mason during the year where he was a rookie phenom, not post-Malarchuk where he was a gaping black hole in the crease, practically sucking pucks into the net.

I do realize that as a Thrashers fan my definition of “godsend” is probably looser than others’ would be, but if I had to choose between no goalie coach yet again so Pavs could flail about and allow four goals a game for the whole season and Clint Malarchuk, well gee.  Wonder what I’d pick

Wow. Our coaching staff’s starting to look like that of an actual NHL team: Craig Ramsay, John Torchetti, Mike Stothers, and now Clint Malarchuk.  Really, not half bad.

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