Blues Re-Sign Erik Johnson to a 2 year deal.

Big Johnson’ll be hanging around for a little while longer.

I know that I’m a bit late on this (thank you, work).  The Blues re-signed their 2006 first overall draft pick Erik Johnson to a two year, $5.2 million contract today that has a cap hit of $2,600,000 a season.  If this deal seems familiar, it could be that you’re having a flashback to David Perron’s recent contract.  Both players will be RFAs when their contracts expire, which lets the Blues look more at their development and gives the team a chance to work with the kids and work with them fairly for both sides before re-signing them to a long term deal that should carry well past their first year of UFA eligibility at age 27.

I would do some in-depth whatchamacallit, but I am dead pooped.  Tomorrow, sure thing.  As it stands, though, the blueline looks solid so far for the season, with the possible exception of Eric “I’m on the ice for every GA” Brewer.

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