Blues Game Day: Now we have to compete with baseball.

32-24-13; 77 Pts. 38-31-9; 85 Pts.

St. Louis’ record against Columbus:2-2-1

I’m not going to lie.  Opening day of the Cardinals’ season is my 2nd favorite day of the year behind opening night of the NHL.  I love the Cards, and am looking forward to relaxing days on the couch with a beer watching Albert and Holliday thwap home runs, and not having an aneurysm every time the team loses.

God, I’m going to miss hockey when it’s gone.  I don’t think my blood pressure will, though.  Anywho, the Blues are taking on the Columbus Blue Jackets at home today, so look for lots of folks in the stands wearing the wrong damn colors for a Blues game.  Also, look for our PK to be awesome and for us to probably lose at home, since we’re 6 out now.

Thanks, Sharks.

BTW, this article from the Post-Dispatch today on Barret Jackman is exactly why I don’t hop all over players and get pissed off at them until I know if they’re hurt or not.  He’s had an upper body injury.  Seriously, do trainers really listen to the guys when they say “Hey, yea, I feel fine enough to play!” His being hurt might’ve cost us 2 points, much like Zach Bogosian playing with a hurt wrist all season long probably didn’t help the Thrashers.

Tonight’s starters, via

Steve Mason Chris Mason
Season vs. St. Louis Season vs. Columbus
1-1-0; 2.29 GAA, .922 SV% 2-2-1; 2.42 GAA, .905 SV%


Make sure you stop by Light the Lamp and waive at them as we cruise on by.  Ohio’s going DOWN today, guys!

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