Blues Game Day: Maybe this’ll turn out better.

35-29-14: 84 Pts. 37-31-9: 83 Pts.

St. Louis’ record against Dallas: 2-1-0

The upshot of being a fan of two teams is that you can pray that the other one manages a win to salvage your day.  Of course, when your two teams are the Blues and Thrashers, the chances of that happening are a total crapshoot.

Oh, look.  It’s a home game for St. Louis.  This should end well.  Let the battle for 10th place begin!

Tonight’s starting goaltenders, via

Kari Lehtonen Chris Mason
Season against St. Louis Season against Dallas
0-0-0: 3.14 GAA, .875 SV% 1-0-0: 1.00 GAA, .967 SV%


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