Blues Game Day: Farewell, Walt, and probably Paul, Brad, Darryl, and a couple others.

38-31-11; 87 pts. 39-32-9; 87 pts.

Season against Anaheim: 1-1-1

So many UFAs, so little time.  Kariya’s probably gone.  Sydor, Winchester, Weaver (who better be back), Mason (who probably will be back), Carlo (damn straight he’ll be back)… but you know who is the only one that matters tonight, the last home game of the season?

Big Walt.

FoxSportsMidwest is having a Walter-a-thon, with tributes before and after the game, as well as during the intermissions.  Mike Modano got an absurdly unreal tribute last night at the Stars’ last home game, and responded with the game tying goal and a shootout goal.  It was storybook perfect.  While the Blues’ season has been less than storybook, there’s no reason the Ducks can’t help a team for the second night in a row send a veteran off in style.  Brad over at GameTime did an excellent write-up on the mixed bag that is Tkachuk’s career with the Blues, but ends it with the conclusion that we love Walt because he loves St. Louis as much as we do.  He earned major brownie points when he gave the reason he wanted to go back to the Blues after the Thrashers’ 2007 playoff hopes were dashed – St. Louis was his home.  I’m still waiting for Atlanta to trade my re-signing rights back, but Walt got his chance.

Also fun tonight, the Blues have called up Lars “Skeet” Eller and Jonas “No nickname yet” Junland from Peoria to get some experience these last couple of games.  It appears that the Teej is hurt and won’t play tonight.  It looks like these two guys’ll play a big part in just how offensive the Blues are next season.



That came out wrong… anyway, be sure to take a dip On the Duck Pond tonight and say hi, and without further ado, tonight’s starting goalies from

Curtis McElhinney Chris Mason
Season against St. Louis Season against Anaheim
0-1-0; 4.08 GAA, .882 SV% 0-1-1; 2.91 GAA, .908 SV%


EDIT: Here’s the end of the game through Walt’s speech. I loved, absolutely LOVED the crowd chanting “KEITH TKA-CHUK!” at the top of their lungs. Big sniffle moment.

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