Bergfors’ 21st goal deserves its own post.

Very rarely will I highlight a play on its own – usually it winds up being part of the re-cap or whatnot, but Niclas Bergfors’ 21st goal of the season, which ties him with Rich Peverley for the 2nd most on the team, was an out of the air backhand that blew my mind.  Witness:



The fake out to Antropov, who looked like he expected the pass, caused Legace to float to the right and focus attention on the center, giving Bergfors the perfect chance to sneak that over Manny’s shoulder.  This gives him 7 goals since joining the Thrashers, and making him 4th in rookie points as well as 3rd in rookie goals.  Outstanding acquisition by Don Waddell.  It’s not often that you acquire someone in a trade that will become a franchise cornerstone, but it looks like he did it.


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