And Another Blue Bites The Dust.

I refuse to recognize that there was a game tonight, but I can’t refuse to recognize that TJ Oshie has a broken ankle and it requires surgery. So, for those of you playing along at home, the IR is looking like this:

  • David Perron – concussion
  • TJ Oshie – broken ankle
  • Carlo Colaiacovo – concussion
  • Roman Polak – severed wrist tendon
  • Barret Jackman – knee injury


If you didn’t make it through the Game That Never Was, here’s the hit that took down Osh – not the initial hit (nice ass-bump, Voracek. Holmstrom’d be proud), but the tackle by Samuel Pahlsson at the scrum at the end that caused Oshie to land on his ankle wonky.

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