All That Is Man Roman Polak Apparently Can Get Hurt, And Pavs Is Back.

Excited to see that the Thrashers activated Ondrej Pavelec off of the IR today. Pavs has been out since about two minutes into the season with, as we all know, a terrifying moment of fainting coupled with a concussion. The doctors were unable to determine the cause of the fainting spell, so after observation they’ve cleared him to get back on the ice and get shelled with 30+ shots an evening.  Oh, how I’m sure that he’s thrilled – and I’m sure that Chris Mason’d appreciate the break. Masonry’s a workhorse, but he appreciates a day with about 25 SOG once in a while, you know?  Not sure when Pavs is starting again, but I would bet on Friday against Buffalo – unless the Thrashers want to fling him into the fire and get Mason some time off; in that case, Wednesday would be probable.

Someone who won’t be playing any time soon is Blues defenseman Roman Polak, who almost got his hand cut off (I exaggerate for fun, but it still was a nasty slice) by Sidney Crosby’s skate in the Blues 1-0 win over the Penguins Saturday. Tyson Strachan’ll be in there for him.

To come (when I get a chance to relax) – power rankings that were supposed to go up last week, and a Jaroslav Halak feature. Because there aren’t enough of those.

And no, I don’t know if that was sarcasm there or not – as wonderfully as he’s been playing, I honestly can’t tell.

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